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Poultry Products



Duck eggs                                                                       $6.00 per Dozen

These eggs are pastured and all natural. The ducks eat locally-milled feed and whatever they can forage from our 13 acres. Duck eggs are high in Omega-3, low in bad cholesterol, and add moisture to your baked goods. They are wonderful for eggs dishes..


Chicken Eggs                                                                 $3.00 per Dozen

These eggs are also pastured. Pastured eggs are known to be more nutritous due to the hens' varied diet. Our hens forage in addition to eating locally-milled feed.


Whole and 1/2 Chicken                                                  $3.20 per Pound

We raise Cornish Cross meat chickens. All of our chickens are raised on pasture, moved daily onto fresh grass, and processed on our farm as humanely as possible. Birds range from 4 to 6 pounds. We cut some of our larger birds in half, if you would prefer 3 pound half chicken.


Cut-up Chicken

We do sell pieced chicken. You can get skinless, boness, breasts and tenders or skin-on legs and thighs.                                                                          None Avaliable at this time


You may have noticed our meat and eggs are not "organic." This is because the cost of organic feed would drive up our prices beyond our current customers' budgets. Instead, we feed our birds locally milled feed, which they suppliment with whatever they can forage. They receive no medications and injest no hormones.

Our layers (hens and ducks) have full access to our 13 acres (though they tend to stay near the barn and the house), they are closed into their house from sundown to sunup, but they always have plenty of room to move and be birds.

Our meat birds, which we raise during the warm months, live in movable pens out on the pasture. The cornish cross do not forage much, but they are moved onto fresh grass at least once per day (which makes the lazy bums get up and move once in a while). When they have reached a suitable size, we process them ourselves, on our farm, as humanely as possible. The broilers have large meaty breasts and are more flavorful than store bought chickens.

If you would feel more comfortable with organic-fed chicken, we would be happy to raise birds to order.


We do raise a few Broad breasted White turkeys every year. We have ordered 6 this year and usually have regular buyers for at least 5. If you are interested in a pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving, let us know. They are also $3.20/ lb.. We have them processed at the hatchery from which we purchase the chicks, Abendroth Hatcheries in Waterloo, WI.


Rent to Own

We have been hearing a lot about municipalities allowing urban dwellers to raise chickens, so we thought we would help any city folk out there thinking of taking the plunge.

We will loan out a few hens for a nominal fee, so you can decide if chickens are right for you. We'll provide plenty of information on setting up your backyard coop, what to feed and light schedules for maximum egg production.

If you decide raising chickens in your backyard is not for you, we'll happily take them back to make sure they are safe and healthy.








Becky and Tom McMillan

6340 Arthur Rd.

Hartford WI


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