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About Magic Willows-

Magic Willows Alpacas is an almost 14 acre farm located about 2 miles north of Hartford, WI just east of Hwy 83. We raise Suri alpacas for their fine, ultrasoft fiber which is used to make a variety of products from yarns and knitted items to stuffed animals and very durable rugs. Currently, we have 40 Suri alpacas, 2 Huacaya alpacas and 1 llama who keeps everybody in line.

We operate a Farm Store here at Magic Willows selling alpaca products as well as farm related gifts and decor. We also sell honey and handmade goat's milk soaps and lotions, chicken and duck eggs and whole or quartered roasting chickens. We recently added some hand painted ornaments on some of our duck eggs. Thank you to Bev for the beautiful paintings.

Our Farm Store is open now in our new pole barn. We've added many new items including farm related gifts, recipe cards, alpaca jewelry, handmade knitting accessories and more natural fiber yarns.



We offer shearing services to small farms in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We limit our shearing to farms with less than 20 animals. Shearing season usually starts in mid-April and extends through the end of June. We shear for maximum harvest so producers can make the most from their fiber.

In addition to shearing the fiber from the animals, we also can grade and sort all types of natural fibers through the Sort- Grade- Class system. We then provide information on possible uses for each grade of fiber and outlets for processing.

Alpaca sales is also part of our farm business. We provide information on what it takes to raise alpacas and support any farms new to the business. We have recently begun a "Trial Placement" program for those interested in raising alpacas but aren't sure which area they'd like to focus on (pets, fiber, breeding stock, etc.) See our Services Page for more details.

Farm Tours for individuals, families and groups is also a big part of Magic Willows Alpacas. For groups like Girl and Boy Scouts, 4H or school groups, we provide lots of information on raising alpacas and llamas, allow participants to take the our llama and one of the alpacas through an obstacle course and provide a fiber related project if desired. We ask for a $5 donation/ child for materials.


The Latest News-

We have added a couple rescue alpacas to our herd- Keelee and SharmaDharma. They are Huacayas but we welcome them anyway. :)

And a mini chicken I have named Bitsy. She hangs out with Trouble and the boys in his pen and occaisionally shares breakfast with Trouble and Keelee.


As many of our neighbors and customers know, our pole barn burned down in April, 2016.

We have rebuilt the barn and our male alpacas, ducks and the bunnies were able to move back in at the end of 2016.


Our border collie puppy, Penny, turned 4 years old in February. She continues to learn how to herd the critters on the farm. She has learned to not chase the chickens and the turkeys but will gather them up when it's time to go to the coop at night. She's has also helped round up our boys when they made a break for the marsh- not sure who left their gate open (?)

The ducks moved into their new "apartment" in the pole barn. We are getting lots of nutritious duck eggs from them every day.

The first bathc of meat chickens when to the processor in July and the next batch goes in the end of August. Enjoy pasture raised roasting chickens. Whole and quartered chickens available.

The turkey chicks are growing bigger every day- 12 this year-and will be ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We have 5 still available so contact us if you're interested. We pick them up from the processor on 11-22-17.



 Our Newest Members


We lost our bunnies last year- Bunelope Garcia crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and Daisy and Kismet perished in the fire. Thanks to one of our shearing clients, we received have 3 new bunnies- Maria, mom to Vera and Telulla. Vera past away in July but Tellulah and Maria are happily hanging out in the pole barn with the boys and ducks.


Raymond, our peacock, was killed by an evil raccoon or mink who got into the barn. We still have our 2 peahens- Thelma and Louise and another shearing client has graciously given us a new peacock boyfriend- JD. Thelma is currently sitting on 4 eggs so we may have some peacock chicks in time for Farm Days.


We have also added a new barn kitty- Sylvia. She is on the job, hunting down the mice and rats living in and around the barn. She's very sweet and loves to have her belly scratched every morning as well as doing her morning yoga.

Bowie, our indoor kitty has a couple new buddies as well. Edmund and Ricky were going to join Sylvia as barn cats but they have squirmed their way into our hearts and are now joining Bowie as house cats.

Ricky (black) and Edmund (grey)Bowie

If you’re counting, that’s 42 alpacas, 1 llama, 2Angora bunnies, 50+ chickens, 18 ducks, 2 peahens, 1 peacock, 1 barn cat, 3 indoor cats and 1 dog. (At least I think that's all) See the Farm Photos section of our website





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Our Farm Store will be closed temporarily from August 19th through August 24th!

Expanded days and hours!

Wednesdays to

Saturdays-10:00am to 5:00pm

Look here or on our Facebook page for updates.



Farm Store closed from August19t to June 12th.

Wed.- Sat.: 10:00 to 5:00

Wisconsin Alpaca and Fiber Fest

April 29th and 30th

Washington County Fairgrounds

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Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival

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National Alpaca Farm Days Open House

September 23rd & 24th


Magic Willows Alpacas

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Rubicon Area Farm Tour

October 14th

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Small Business Saturday

November 25, 2017

Midnight Madness

December 16th

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